What is Hypno HQ?

It is primarily a directory for your learning needs. As a hypnotherapist/hypnotist you can come and search for interesting courses that might be near you, or are in the area you might be travelling in.

It is also a great place for trainers to list their events.

Do you have to be a hypnotherapist to use Hypno HQ?

No. It was originally set up for qualified hypnotherapists/hypnotists to get continued professional development. There will be courses listed here that may interest non-qualified persons and may act as a nice taster for those wanting to train.

We hope to build a list of school and academies fairly soon, so you can browse through that if you require basic training.

Is Hypno HQ just a directory site?

No. There are other areas in Hypno HQ that we will be developing as the site grows such as reviews of books, hypnotherapy equipment etc

How much does it cost to list an event?

Nothing! It is free.

Is there a way to make my event more noticeable?

Yes, we will be ‘featuring’ events. They are highlighted in green and the forthcoming events are shown on the front page. We are looking at additional ways of featuring events over the coming weeks.

Do you just list hypnotherapy events?

No. There are a number of disciplines that hypnotherapists enjoy incorporating in their treatments that aren’t formal hypnosis. Some call these ‘toolbox treatments’

If there is a demand for this then we are more than happy to include these in our events listings.


There can be confusion between these terms. In the UK we usually talk about hypnotherapy for therapeutic work, and use the term hypnotist for stage and street performance.

But in effect they are the same. In the US Hypnotherapists are regularly called Hypnotists

What is up with your spelling?

Well there is always a possibility we might make a mistake! However, as the organiSers are British, spelling will be done in English not American English, so there will be no organiZers in our text (except just now)! ????

Anything submitted to us we will leave as it is, in your version of English

Are you using affiliate links?

Yes, if there are affiliate links made available to us we will use them to help fund the running of the Hypno HQ. Although this is very much a labour of love, the development and running costs of the site are not insignificant. If you can use the affiliate links we would very much appreciate it. None of the affiliate links will cost you more.

If you are able to submit an affiliate link with your listing we would be most grateful.