Welcome to Hypno HQ. We hope this will be an enjoyable experience for you, whether you are in search of courses, want to chat in our forums, or just want a good browse about.

This site was put together so hypnotherapists can find courses and trainers can offer them – a simple balance!

We are developing other pages such as networking groups, supervisor lists etc, so keep checking back to see what is happening.

This site is free to use for therapists, trainers and event organisers. We do not provide a booking service for courses, but do provide you with links to see more information and to make your bookings

It is also worth liking our Facebook page so you are alerted to updated info from the website.
If you want to list events look at our Event Organiser Information page for more details.

Take a look at the About and FAQ pages as that will probably give you all the information you need, but if you need more you can always mail us on info@hypnohq.com



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